£10 million Jackpot Still Unclaimed

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A lucky person has bought a ticket in Bradford that matched the winning combination of 5, 15, 17, 19, 20, 47 and the bonus ball of 38, in the inaugural draw of the revamped National Lottery game.  There win is worth a hefty £10 million, but no one has come forward to lay claim on the prize till date.

The National Lottery claims they are “desperate” to uncover the still unidentified holder of the winning ticket for the October 5th draw.  Whoever the winner is, he or she has until April 03, 2014 to come forward, or the money gets turned over to The National Lottery Good Causes.

To help find the winner, the National Lottery parked a giant ad van to display information about the ticket at the Bradford City Hall, Centenary Square, then had the van run around the area.

Read more in http://news.uk.msn.com/hunt-on-for-lotto-jackpot-winner-1

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