$10 Million Win Gone In A Few Years

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Nine years after winning $10,569,000.10 in the Lotto Super Seven, Sharon Tirabassi is catching a bus on her way to work, and she is again living from paycheck to paycheck.

She was a single mother of three when she won the lottery in 2004.  She gave a lot of money to family and friends, bought a big house and fancy cars.  She also got married.

Looking back, she now says that some of her friends may have taken advantage, asked for loans they never paid back because she had lots of money anyway.  Now that she has lost the fancy cars and big house, and much of her money, whatever is left is held in trust for her children till they reach the age of 26.

She does not spend more than her paycheck allows, but is happy in the knowledge that her children will be taken cared of.  She has one piece of advice to more recent big lottery winners: Be wary whom you share your winnings with.

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