10 Powerball Lottery Winners From New York Claim $9 Million In Prizes

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The New York Lottery, represented by Jenny Garcia and Yolanda Vega, awarded $9 million in prizes to ten winners of the Powerball Lottery from the Bronx, Brooklyn, Orange County, Queens and Staten Island.

The winners were supposed to have a celebratory dinner, but it quickly turned into a food fight.  The ten winners were Steve Rymer, Kim Johnson, Cheryll Wright, Kory Stewart, Juan Rodriguez, Barbara Bell, Jose Gonzales, Carlton McKenzie, Maria Lacson and Jerome Moody.

Read more in http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/powerball-lottery-winners-collect-total-9-million-article-1.1370841

Did you know you can now play Powerball from outside the US?

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