£1million Grant Gives Hens To More OAP’s

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A charity named HenPower fights loneliness among old people by giving them hens to raise.  The charity received a big boost recently after winning a £1million grant from the National lottery over 1,300 other candidates.

The charity had begun their work in Tyneside.  They called the recipients of the chickens “Hensioners”. and encouraged them to pick the breeds they want to raise, design and breed coops and benefit from the fresh eggs.  For the charity, however, the more significant benefit is giving pensioners something to do, and a sense of purpose that ultimately improves their dispositions and general well-being.

One pensioner started dead-set against the program but was slowly convinced.  He now enjoys the fresh eggs which he claims are better than those on store shelves.

With the grant money, the charity is set to expand their work nationwide.

Read more in http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2571180/Hensioners-scoop-1million-lotto-cash-Charity-gives-OAPs-chickens-combat-loneliness-awarded-grant.html

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