21 Year Old Wins $3.5 Million On Lotto 649

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Possibly one of the most unusually named recent lottery winners, Kricket Slik of Hamilton in Ontario, Canada just hit the jackpot with a win of $3,489,606.80 on the Canada Lotto 649.

The most notable thing however, is that she is only 21, and one of the youngest winners for a long time.

Kricket actually only went to buy some cigarettes for a friend on Saturday evening, but decided to spend the few dollars left over on the lottery. She bought a single Quick Pick ticket with the Encore option, costing a total of just $3.

The next morning she scanned her single ticket at the Shoppers Drug Mart, in Centennial Parkway, and the machine flashed up ‘Big Winner’. So she scanned it a few more times. It insisted she had won the jackpot.

Still not really believing she had won – it was either a hoax or the machine wasn’t working properly – Kricket headed home to double check the numbers online. Sure enough, she had just become a 21 year old overnight multi-millionaire.

First thing on Monday morning Kricket called the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, and made an appointment for that very afternoon. She picked up a large chaque for $3,489,606.80.

A representative from OLG said:

It was very nice to see a young winner on Lotto 649, especially since at this age, that amount of money can definitely grow exponentially in the next couple of years.

Kricket is the eldest of 7 children, and is about to start her 2nd year of studying to be an Esthetician. She hopes to open her own salon one day.

Her plans are to be careful with her winnings. The wise voices of older family members is already ringing in her ears.

To start with she will be clearing debts and making sure her family is well looked after. But she does see the prospect of a shiny new car coming her way very soon.

Further down the line she also has dreams of seeing the world, and couldn’t be more happy that her big win has provided a whole new world of opportunities for her future.

Kricket bought her winning ticket at Jai and J’s Convenience Store, in John Street North. The winning Lotto 649 numbers for Saturday 27th August were 11, 14, 19, 20, 21 and 47, with a bonus ball of 45.

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