$3 Billion In Prizes In Spanish Christmas Lottery

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On December 22, Spain’s Christmas Lottery will be drawn and €2.24 billion (that’s $3 billion) in prizes will be given away.

The ‘El Gordo de Navidad 2013’ will be composed of 160 series of 100,000 tickets each, with each full ticket costing €200 and each tenth share being sold at €20 each.  Each series will offer a first prize of 4 million euros, second prize of 1.25 million euros, and third prize of 500,000 euros.   Other prizes for each series are two fourth prizes of 200,000 euros, eight fifth prizes of 60,000 euros, and 1794 prizes of 1,000 euros.

But if you don’t live in Spain, one of the best ways to play this draw (without paying crazy money for a ticket) is to play in a syndicate. You can read our review here of the best El Gordo syndicate for 2013.

Though there are twenty less series to be sold this year as opposed to last year’s 180, the number and amount of prizes per series remains the same.

Read more here about how the El Gordo Christmas lottery works.

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