£6.6 Million Lottery Win Prompts Proposal

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Graham Nield had wanted to ask long-time partner Amanda Vickers to marry him, but always lost his nerve at the last moment.  But after learning he had just won a £6.6 million jackpot, he finally mustered the courage to pop the question, and happily learn that Amanda had been patiently hoping to be asked for the last ten years.

It was Amanda who discovered they had won, and proceeded to run around the room.  After ensuring that she was not joking, Graham managed to blurt out “now can we get married please?”  His partner then gave her assent, but clarified that she would marry him because she loved him, and not because they have struck it rich.  He later formally asked for her hand in marriage from her parents.

Now Amanda wants to give her notice at automotive firm Autoneum, where they both work.  Graham is undecided on quitting.  One thing sure is the happy days that lie ahead of them, which they also plan to share with friends and family.

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