Andy Ashkar To Be Jailed For Stealing $5 Million Lottery Ticket

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Onondaga County Judge Joseph Fahey is set to sentence Andy Ashkar to years in prison for stealing a ticket that won a $5 million jackpot.  Robert Miles, the real winner, had presented the ticket for checking at a Syracuse store owned by Andy’s parents.  Andy told Robert that the win only amounted to $5,000, and paid out just $4,000 to Robert after claiming $1,000 as the store’s ‘çut’.

Andy and his brother Nayel Nashkar tried to collect the win after one year.  While Nayef was acquitted of conspiracy, their father Nayef is still fighting a similar conspiracy charge.

While neither Nashkar nor Miles have received the $5 million jackpot, lottery officials trying to confirm the legitimacy of Robert Miles’ claim.

Crime does not pay after all.  And while Robert has been denied justice for a while, his imminent victory will surely taste sweet.


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