Baker Boys Cook Up A $50 Million Win

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They looked like any other workers finishing up on Monday.

But these three veteran bakers had an appointment with the lottery offices. To verify their $50 Million winning ticket.

Zdzislaw Modlinski, 62, Eugeniusz Borek, 50 and Wlodzimierz Konieczny, 58, have worked together at the Ontario Bread Co. for 17 years. Originally from Poland, the three met in Canada after emigrating 20 years ago.

Ewa Modlinski said affectionately:-

My father has been working the night shift for 20 years and he’s getting older. He should be retiring.

Zdzislaw will still continue to work another 2 weeks though while the company find someone to fill his position.

When asked how they chose the numbers, the group confirmed they didn’t waste time with crazy systems, Eugeniusz said “We buy all the time quick pick”.

And when asked if it he will now be living his dreams, Eugeniusz said with a big smile, “I think so”.

The three winners each take home $16,666,666.

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