Big Lottery Winner David Ashcroft Unchanged By Win 16 Years On

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While some lottery winners let their win take them to wasteful lives, 1997 big winner David Ashcroft is not among them.

When David Ashcroft won a jackpot in £12.3 million 1997, he said: “I am an ordinary, quiet introvert. This may change me. I hope not.”  Incredibly, sixteen years later a neighbor is quoted as saying, “It’s as if the win never happened”.

David still works as a furniture restorer and still shares a home with parents Roy and Jean.  The home they live in has not changed except for new double glazing.

In sixteen years he has bought a caravan and a 4×4 vehicle, many say are for his parents.  As far as luxury is concerned, he has bought personalized number plates for his father’s van and a Ferrari which he is believed to have given to a relative.

David is a rare example of a man content with what he was before his win, and has remained virtually unchanged.  I wonder why he bothered playing the lottery at all.


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