Big Lottery Winners Still Buy From Thrift Shops

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Graham and Amanda Nield became £6,676,215 richer after the August 17 draw of the National Lottery.  But old habits die hard and for this couple, spending money on themselves in excess of what they used to just won’t do.

They must be the only big lottery winners who spend £6  on a skirt, £3 on a used pair of shoes, and £2 for a pair of jumpers.  They regularly visit thrift stores and avail of most discounts offered whenever possible.  Instead of Ferraris and Porches, they drive moderately priced vehicles several years old.

They spend about £50 per person on gifts for their five children and 13 grandchildren – and their children even ask them to tone down on gift giving.

They have, however, given each of their combined five children from previous marriages their own houses.  And recently, they have begun having a bungalow built for them to live with and care for Amanda’s parents.  Amanda has given up her job and Graham plans to do the same before year’s end.

This is a couple who is almost sure to leave most of their lottery fortune for their children.  And they are happy living modestly.


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