Biggest EuroMillions Jackpot in 12 Months – This Friday

June 7th, 2012   ·   Read Comment...

They did promise more rollovers for EuroMillions – and here they are.

Tuesday’s mega jackpot was not won, so now we have a crazy £126 Million draw approaching fast on Friday evening.

There were 6 tickets lucky enough to hit the 5+1 prize of £266,505 each on Tuesday night. Well, ‘lucky’ depending on if you’re a glass half full type of person. Some will no doubt see that as missing out on a 100+ mil :-).

Of course, Friday’s £126 Million is an estimated jackpot. It will get even bigger than that once the media frenzy really starts. We love a good rollover story in the newspapers don’t we?

If you haven’t got your ticket yet – you can play online now, choose your EuroMillions syndicate here.

The record sole winner will still stand if the jackpot is claimed on Friday – the Weir’s £161 Million. But if it rolls to next week (unlikely) we should see a challenge to even that jumbo win.

As this is the biggest EuroMillions jackpot in just under a year, we could also be seeing the 2nd largest sole winner ever if only one ticket comes up lucky on Friday.

But let’s hope it goes to multiple winners, and preferably a syndicate this time.

How will you be playing tonight? With friends, online, or tucking a grubby ticket in your underwear for safe keeping..?

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  • Lottery Blog

    The big crazy jackpot has been won – the prize going to 2 winning tickets. One in the UK, one in Belgium. Each ticket is worth £63,837,543. It’s not clear yet if the tickets are single winners or (hopefully) syndicate groups. Was it your syndicate..?

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