Biggest Ever Hong Kong Mark Six Win

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He may have shared the biggest ever Hong Kong Mark Six win, but Jagpal Singh says he’ll still keep his job.

Indian born Jagpal, 32, and a Hong Kong resident just collected his HK$44.5 Million share from winning Friday’s Mark Six lottery. The jackpot was shared between 3 winners.

Things had been so crazy, that Jagpal said he’d been unable to sleep for nearly 2 days. And he’d had to stay at a friends house to try and avoid all the publicity. But he hopes to keep his delivery job as he says he’d get bored without it.

Jagpal plans to use the money to get married in India to his Indonesian girlfriend, as well as buy an apartment and share his good fortune with family and some charities too.

The Mark Six lottery rolled over for 8 weeks to produce the enormous jackpot, and had sent Hong Kong residents crazy with huge queues at the lottery terminals on Friday.

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