Buying Identical Lottery Tickets Does Not Improve Chances Of Winning

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For lottery player Harry Black, the unusual strategy of buying two identical lottery tickets has paid off quite handsomely. Instead of getting a mere third of the more than $63 million 6/49 jackpot, he gets to keep half ; he owns two of four winning lottery tickets.

Still, according to according to Prof. Richard Lockhart, who is chairman of Simon Fraser University’s department of statistics and actuarial science, his strategy may not give the best chances of winning.  He explains that the odds of 1 in 14 million for winning the 6/49 lottery does not change, which means that by betting on the same number, one loses twice the amount every time he fails to win.  In this case, since there are other winners, Harry’s piece of the pie became larger.  But what if he had the only two winning tickets?


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