Canadian Woman Hits Jackpot TWICE

March 3rd, 2011   ·   Read Comment...

Ann Lepine from Fort Smith, NWT, felt lucky enough back in 2007 when she and her husband hit the jackpot on the Canada Lotto.

The couple collected a huge $11 Million on the 6/49 game in October 2007.

They have since separated, but Ann has just hit the jackpot again!

Her latest win came on Saturday night when she matched all 6 balls for a $7.7 Million win. Her ticket was bought online, using a 9 number Quick Pick.

In an interview on Monday she said:

I was circling a lot of numbers and… telling my dog, ‘I think we won the lottery.’ So I went back and counted the numbers and there was six numbers there. So I had six out of six.


Her immediate plans are for an amazing Caribbean cruise together with her daughter. From there though she says her plans are totally up in the air.

But will the double jackpot winner continue to buy tickets? She says she probably will. After all,

You can’t win if you don’t play. You got to buy a ticket in order to win.


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