Cash 4 Glitch Gives Players 2nd Chance To Win

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In the second glitch uncovered in the Georgia Lottery in as many weeks, the machine malfunctioned during the Cash 4 draw during Wednesday’s drawing.  The glitch has been described as a mechanical failure that prevented the proper mixing of balls during the draw.  Georgia Lottery still honored the winning result for that draw of 4-2-1-0.

The glitch proved a boon for players as they get a free chance to win.  The lottery will have two Cash 4 draws next Wednesday.

Last week’s problem was caused by computers which rejected almost $35,000 in KENO! winnings which were supposed to be eligible for a promotion that would pay winners an additional 30%.  Those who won in that game were later allowed to collect their additional payout, and the lottery extended redemption hours for KENO bonus this week.

Official claim the glitches are isolated problems, and that they operate fairly and transparently as possible.  The way glitches turn out in favor of players prove the lottery’s statements.


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