Catalonia Launches ‘La Grossa’ Lottery

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In the Spanish region of Catalonia, there has been rumblings of dissatisfaction with the Spanish government.  It has grown so bad Catalonia wants to conduct a referendum regarding secession from Spain in 2014.  It has to do with their discontent with the way the central government redistributes taxes.  But for now, they can only establish a rival to the popular El Gordo lottery.

Catalonia has launched a new year lottery it named ‘La Grossa’ to rival El Gordo.  Sales indicate La Grossa is a success as it  sold 25 million euros worth of tickets, which represents 250% of estimates.

Although the El Gordo remains the lottery with the biggest pot in the world, it has experienced a 4% decrease in sales and says La Grossa is eating into its market.  The decline in sales of El Gordo in the Catalonia region is twice the national levels, indicating perhaps that rival La Grossa has regional appeal.


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