Christmas Day Powerball Winners Revealed

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They kept it secret from everyone for over a month. But finally the much talked about winners of the Christmas Day Powerball draw have come forward.

Jeffrey and Christine Pintuff, from Wilton in Saratoga County, actually discovered their win on 27th December.

But they worked hard to contain their excitement and not reveal their good fortune until they had properly consulted with financial advisors. Even work colleagues were unaware of their real reasons for leaving their jobs – it”was the right time” they were told.

Meanwhile the $49 Million Powerball ticket sat quietly in a safe deposit box at their bank, until they came forward to make their claim on 1st February.

The Pintuffs, each 58-years-old, are ready for the next phase. After the initial rush and weeks of contemplation, they said they may finally be ready to begin deciding what their next chapter will be.

“In a lot of ways, it still hasn’t sunk in yet,” Jeffrey Pintuff said. “Maybe it will after the money gets wired to our account.”


Jeffrey’s winning ticket turned out to be a $1 Quick Pick ticket bought on the 23rd December.

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