Lottery Fever As EuroMillions Rollover Hits £136 Million

June 30th, 2011   ·   Read 2 Comments...

Europe is set for a wild and crazy Friday this week. The EuroMillions Tuesday draw rolled over again to give a huge jackpot of £136 Million for this Friday’s draw.

That makes an incredible 11 rollovers in a row. And it could potentially create the biggest ever EuroMillions winner, if a single ticket claims the whole jackpot.

Hopefully however, we will see the jackpot shared amongst lots of winners instead – who each get the thrill of winning a couple of million! (It would be great if a EuroMillions syndicate won it).

The most recent big EuroMillions winners have been Francisco Delgado Rodriguez from Spain, who won £105,892,179 on 13 May this year. There was also an anonymous winner from the UK who picked up £84,451,321 on 14th May 2010.

But the biggest ever EuroMillions winner was another anonymous UK winner who won an amazing £113,019,926 on 9 October 2010.

If a single winner claims the jackpot this time around – it will be enough money to place them right between Tom Jones and Eric Clapton on the rich list (with £140 Million and £125 Million).

You’d actually have enough money to buy your own Boeing 737, plus another one for spare, and still live a luxurious lifestyle with the £30 Million left over.

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  • Lestat De Lioncourt

    Me? I would move to a chateaux in France – Loire/Bordeaux. And also get a palazzo in Venice, plus a townhouse in Mayfair/Piccadilly.

    Then i would furnish them exquisitely with period furniture, carpets curtains etc. Probably collect faberge eggs… and then… roger as many brasses as I can get round to!

    Yes Sir! I would pay famous American and Czech actresses (ahem) to be my companions… I would roger my life away. Bring on the gout!

  • Lestat De Lioncourt

    Having said that, if I won the £166 million… I would do exactly the same thing – just more of it.

    Lets face it – I would probably be dead by my 40th Birthday – but who cares? I would have a bloody brilliant time!

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