EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle Special Draw This Friday

May 30th, 2013   ·   Read Comment...

Millionaire Raffle special draw

This Friday is a very special draw for EuroMillions in the UK.

Normally EuroMillions creates a new millionaire every single draw from the Millionaire Raffle game. But this Friday in a one-off special, one ticket holder will receive a prize of £1 Million per month, for a whole year.

Which will give the winner a whole month to decide how to spend their £1 Million, before the next one hits their bank account – and the fun starts all over again.

It’s like winning the lottery over and over again for a whole year 🙂

But if you don’t mind sharing, you can also play this Millionaire Raffle draw in a EuroMillions syndicate. Even after sharing the prize, £1 Million a month is still a very nice paycheck indeed.

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    P.S. Players outside of the UK can also take advantage of this bonus draw… the easiest way is to play in a syndicate that buys their tickets from the UK.

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