Father And Daughter Share £3.9m Lotto Win

May 7th, 2013   ·   Read 2 Comments...

Thomas Foden and his daughter Irene Harper, won  a share of the UK’s first Lotto quadruple rollover jackpot  in October 2012.  The father and daughter shared a £3,909,990 windfall.

Now Thomas wants to buy a bungalow in a green area, and his daughter also wants one in the same area.  Aside from the new house, Thomas says he will not let the win change his simple way of life.

Read more in http://www.expressandstar.com/news/2013/05/04/4m-lotto-winners-buy-matching-bungalows/

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  • Monica

    I’m from Costa Rica. I received an e-mail for a donation from these people. I think it is money laundering.
    Please inform all the people about it including Mr. Foden.

    • Lottery Blog

      I’d agree – lottery winners do not randomly send out emails to give money to people, it just doesn’t happen. Scammers however do send out emails pretending to be winners.

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