Former Lottery Winner Happy To Be Broke Ten Years On

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Callie Rogers name was entered into the record books as Britain’s youngest lottery  winner after she posted a £1.9million win in 2003, at the tender age of 16.  Now, ten years on, Callie is 26 and has just £2,000 in bank savings, but she is happy.

Looking back, Callie said that perhaps 16-year old people should not be eligible to bet in the lottery as they would not be able to handle the life changes that come with a big win.  In her own case, she wasted all the money on parties, cosmetic surgery, drugs, holidays and gifts.

She now says she was never happy while she had the money, proven by three suicide attempts during the period.  She now lives a modest but happy life as a broke mom and is training to be a nurse.


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