Generosity Has Child Jumping For Joy

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What started as a sad story for five year old Gabriel Pritchard, of Lime Street, turned into joy when generous lottery winners of decided to have his stolen trampoline replaced.

Rebecca Pritchard says she and her husband had bought a trampoline for Gabriel last year as his birthday present.  She had returned home from shopping on the 10th of September, and discovered that suspected metal thieves had made off with the trampoline.  Though police suspected two men of the crime, the trampoline was never recovered.  Gabriel was distraught, but his parents cannot afford to buy a new one.

Luckily story of the trampoline’s theft made the papers so former lottery winners Susan Mullen and husband Lee, decided to step in to help.  The couple contacted the paper and arranged for a new trampoline for the child.

It would be hard to find a better investment.  Gabriel was ready with a bouquet of flowers when the Mullens arrived to make the delivery, and has been literally jumping for joy on the the trampoline much of his waking hours since.


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