Greed Halts 50 Million Lottery Prize

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The green eyed monster can strike over the smallest things. But where a 50 million lottery win is concerned, it can be a whole different story.

An office pool was thrilled to be collecting their $50 million win on the Canada Lotto last Monday. Until an ‘additional claimant’ came forward.

The group knew straight away it was a co-worker.

The unnamed individual was on vacation when the group obtained the winning ticket, according to the workers.

The crew scored the jackpot using a free ticket they won two weeks ago. The people who bought the numbers that yielded the winning free ticket consider themselves owners of the $50-million prize. He wasn’t one of the original group, workers insisted.


It is hard to feel too much sympathy for the group though when the other claimant is actually a member of the office pool! Even if he was on holiday that week.

Especially when it would only reduce what they each get from $2,083,333 to $2,000,000 each!

The group all work for a company called Bombardier in Toronto, who make Q-400 turboprop planes.

The company has 150+ people laid-off at present. So the Union was also thrilled for the winners as it could also create valuable job vacancies should the winners opt to retire early.

Hopefully they can all reach a swift agreement.

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