Group Of Four Win £1.5M Lottery Prize

March 23rd, 2014   ·   Read 2 Comments...

four engineersThe lucky number 22 helped a syndicate of four engineers win a £1.5m lottery prize.  Lewis Fox chose  the number 22 because it is his mother’s birthday and her late grandmother’s lucky number.  Other members of the syndicate include Lewis father Tom, Sid Veness, and Mark Bush, all workers at CCN Communications.

Tom saw the draw on the television, and checked several times before getting on the phone to the other members of the syndicate.  Lewis  Fox finds it hard to believe he can now fully pay for a house he had just bought last month, and Bush is looking forward to a grand vacation.

The group are very lucky as they had only started playing in a syndicate at the beginning of the year.


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  • Phyllis

    I’ve done the lottery since it began in the UK and still not won the big one. Won £5 on Thunderball last week. Get the occasional tenner but lose more than I win! I enjoy the thought of winning and imagining what I’d do with a lump sum. In one way it scares me, ‘cos there’s always someone ready to rip you off but on the other hand it would be lovely to live it up a little – especially now being an OAP. Be good to get a good win before I go!

    • Lottery Blog

      Hi Phyllis

      The ‘imagining what you’d do bit’ is more than half the reason to play I think :-). And if you watch the draw live too, that makes the whole experience extremely good value for money I’d say. Those people who don’t buy a ticket don’t get to enjoy the daydreams because they know it can’t be them. So I’m with you on that one.

      Good luck in the next draw 🙂

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