Unemployed Health Care Worker Wins Million

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It’s tough being unemplyed, especially when your unemployment benefit is just about to run out.

So the timing of this win could not have been any better for 28 year old Megan Gatlin, a former health care worker.

Just for fun Megan risked a few dollars on buying 5 St. Patricks Day Raffle tickets for the Oregon Lottery. The middle number of her raffle tickets, 180443, turned out to be a $1 Million prize winner.

It took Megan a few days to let the big win sink in – she actually waited 26 days before claiming her prize. As she put it, she ‘freaked out’ at having won.

She now plans to buy a house, her dream BMW car, and do some shopping – lots of shopping. From there it may be back to college to train for a career in the field of medicine.

After taxes Megan will take home $670,040. The ticket was purchased at the Jantzen Beach Safeway in North Portland.

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