Health Lottery May Gain From Rival’s Price Increase

October 5th, 2013   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

The Health Lottery is planning to take advantage of players resentful over a price increase announced by rival Camelot, who operates the National Lottery, to increase its own sales.

When the National Lottery announced price increases that doubles the price of a bet from £1 to £2, many players have voiced concern it is no longer affordable, especially to pensioners who make up a significant portion of bettors.  The Health Lottery, on the other hand, chose to maintain prices, so their tickets are now half the price of those from the National Lottery.

While some players will be attracted by a £15 million campaign launched by the National Lottery to promote its higher priced and revamped game, it remains to be seen how much the Health Lottery stands to gain from the change, especially in the longer term.


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