Hoosier Man Wins $74M On Powerball

May 2nd, 2011   ·   Read Comment...

The odds may be a fairly awful 1-in-195 million of winning, but someone always wins eventually.

And this time Bill Swanson is the lucky man from Hoosier.

Bill, a geo-scientist, was visiting his 81 year old mother for Easter, when he bought the Powerball lottery ticket that scooped the jackpot. He and his mother bought just two tickets between them, from Meijer on W. Lincoln Hwy.

Choosing the lump sum payment option, Bill received a payment of $27 Million after tax.

Bill plans to spoil his mother with the money. She grew up in the Depression, living in a one bedroom home, just one of 10 children.

She can live rest of her life exactly the way she wants, she will never have to go to a nursing home.

Just for starters he is buying her a home near where he now lives in Houston, and a shiny new red Cadillac too.

But Bill isn’t sure yet how to treat himself. He enjoys his work so isn’t quite ready for retirement yet. But there could be some exotic holidays on the cards with his 13 year old son who both enojy scuba diving.

The winning Powerball numbers for April 23 were 3, 11, 47, 48, 58 and a Powerball of 19.

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  • James

    Yup, 195 million to one sure is a long shot but like you say someone’s gotta win it. Did you hear about the Bulgarian lottery last year that drew the same 6 numbers from 42 two weeks in a row!? I calculated the chances of that happening as 195 TRILLION to one!

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