Injured Roofer Wins £3.6 Million

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A roofer who is just coming from a two week injury layoff, has won a £3,676,642 lottery jackpot.  Stuart Hunt of Crawley, West Sussex won with a , 11, 12, 13, 35 and 42 number combination.

Stuart had injured his knee earlier while playing with his daughter, had begun living off his savings.  It is fortunate that he did not allow his dire financial situation to stop him from playing the lottery.  The only effect his injury had on his lottery playing was that he had to ask his sister to purchase the ticket for him.

When his partner was informed of the win, she thought the clerk had been joking.  But now, the couple are seriously committed to making sure the money lasts, noting that many people who have won more have gone bankrupt.

Their immediate plans for the money include a trip to Florida, a new house, and possibly a new white Range Rover.  When the house gets built, Stuart jokes that he will ask someone else to go up the ladder.


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