Instant Joy As Group Of Ten Win £104,798

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When one of a group of ten friends found a missed call on his phone, he expected the worst.  After all, there had been eleven of them in the group and one had unfortunately passed away.  But the reason for the call joyous, rather than sad; the ten-strong syndicate of lottery players from Rhondda had won a £104,798 prize.  It was syndicate leader Malcolm Facey who had been ringing up the other members of the group as soon as he discovered their win.

Now the group, who are also all members of Maerdy Social Club Syndicate plan to jet to Las Vegas to celebrate.

Though they have kept the eleven lines they have been playing for years, syndicate leader Facey had bought their ticket at theSpar store in Maerdy and not from the Premier store where he usually buys it.


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