New Fangled iPhone Revealed Lottery Jackpot Win

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Chris Bowers, 61, just bought himself a new iPhone – he loves a good gadget.

So like every new iPhone owner, he has spent many happy hours downloading lots of extremely useful apps to while away the time…

Now the lottery app he downloaded didn’t help him pick his numbers, but it did check the Saturday night UK Lotto results for him:

We put the numbers in to check them, and you get little red dots or a green tick. We had green ticks. It then went through and said over £6 Million with two sharing.

Chris said to wife Sue, 60, that he thought they had won. But doubter Sue thought it was all a mistake – until they had checked the results 3 times.

After a phone call to the National Lottery claims line, Camelot confirmed they were indeed winners. And there was only 1 other winning ticket, so yes, they had just won half of the rollover jackpot, a payment of £3,497,114.

The realisation of such a big win takes time to sink in. The couple have had trouble sleeping for 3 nights in a row since Camelot confirmed the win.

But Chris is happy to be able to retire over 3 years early from his job as a forklift truck engineer, and join Sue who retired from an administration job just 10 weeks ago.

The couple also plan to buy a bigger new house, so Chris’s 92 year old father can live with them. As Chris said “he has looked after me so I want to look after him now”.

Chris is also thankful to his wife for doing such a great job of running their household for 40 years. He credits her with the nice house and standard of living they already enjoyed – Chris says he would have just spent everything.

There is one more thing he’s hoping for though – a nice new car. But he knows there will be some negotiation with his wife over the car budget. Habits of 40 years don’t disappear overnight. Sue joked:

I might tag him, so I know where he is all the time and what he’s spending.

Would you like a better chance of winning the UK Lotto? Try out a UK Lotto syndicate. Then maybe you too can lose sleep like the Bower’s worrying about how to spend your lottery jackpot :-).

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