Is It Possible To Improve Your Lottery Odds?

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There are a few logical, sensible ways to improve your chances of joining the big winners lists.

Like choosing a decent game to play in the first place (nobody gets rich playing Pick 3 folks!).

But all of these methods come down to strategy. Because of course there are no big secrets that only ‘those in the know’ are aware of. Despite the number of books and guides out there that claim differently.

As Susan Thurston and her visa bill discovered when they met Richard Lustig on his US domination tour.

It takes a lot of press schmoozing to sell 25,000 copies of a booklet that costs $40.

Particularly when the contents are a combination of the fairly obvious, and the wildly inaccurate.

Still, I guess there must be more money in selling books about winning the lottery than actually doing it…


Playing The Lottery: What Really Works

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