Missing Lancashire Millionaire Has 30 Days Left

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National Lottery officials were hunting for a millionaire in Blackburn, Lancashire on Friday.

The lucky ticket holder has yet to come forward, but now only has 30 days left to claim their prize. On 11th May at 5:30pm the prize will expire and the funds will go to various good causes instead.

So if you bought a EuroMillions ticket in the Blackburn area for the draw back on 12th November, make sure you have checked all of your old tickets.

The £1 Million prize is for the Millioinaire Raffle which is an extra game players in the UK are automatically entered into. So any EuroMillions ticket bought in Blackburn could be the missing millionaire maker. It was a special draw that particular week as ten £1 Million prizes were paid out instead of just one.

The winning raffle number is WCT876099.

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