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Lotto New Zealand netted $560 million from its sales of Lotto, Powerball and Strike tickets for the year ended June 2013.  An amazingly high 63% of people 15 years or older purchased one or more of the lottery tickets in the past year.

Lotto New Zealand declares odds for winning its Lotto game at 1 in 3.8 milllion.  The game sees 6 numbers drawn from a total of forty.  A six number match results in a first division win.  For its Powerball game, the odds are estimated at just 1 in 38 million.

Aspiring millionaires go to great lengths to find a number combination that will land them the big prize.  Some rely on a combination of significant dates, some try to find systems advertised on the web, and still others leave the choice to the machines.  There are also those who try to follow trends that show which numbers are drawn more often, or the numbers which have not been drawn for some time.

Statistics experts, however, say that lotto draws are designed to be random.  As such, all number combinations have as much chance of winning as any other.  The most logical way to increase your winning chances is to make more bets, or join lottery betting syndicates.

Whatever way you choose to bet, so long as there are people dreaming of winning millions, the lottery will remain big business, and people of all kinds will walk away with life-changing fortunes.

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Playing The Lottery: What Really Works

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