Lottery Millionaire Nicky Stacks Shelves For £6.30ph

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Nicky Cusack accepts it may seem sad to some people, but she enjoys her job stacking shelves at Asda.

That may seem one of the dullest jobs in the world for many people, but Nicky, 46, has many friends at work and enjoys the routine.

She may be paid just over minimum wage at £6.30 per hour, but when you’ve got a couple of million in the bank that’s not such a concern any longer.

Nicky hit the UK Lotto jackpot back in 2009, and collected £2.5 Million.

Since then she has handled her money wisely. Yes she bought a house, but it was a modest 4 bedroom home in North Swindon that only cost £250,000:

I haven’t wasted it, I have invested it. I have bought a mobile home in Weymouth and spent money on this house.

Things haven’t all been plain sailing for Nicky however. She was diagnosed with cancer in April 2009, and had to endure two operations as well as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. As Nicky said:

There were some very dark moments when I didn’t even think I would see tomorrow.

But it was thoughts of her job and friends at work that kept her going. And Asda were happy to keep her job open for her, which she was able to return to in 2009. The job which she has continued to work part time to this day.

And Nicky still buys a lottery ticket every week of course. Because well, you just never know when you will win again.

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