Lottery Win Allowed Niki To Pursue Her Dreams

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Niki Otterburn was working as a manager for a fitness gym and thoroughly enjoying her job, when a stroke of luck c changed her way of life.  Twelve years ago, she became one of now more than 3,400 lottery millionaires when her ticket won a quarter share of an £8.8 million jackpot.

Still, being the cautious and “tight” person that she is, Niki continued working at the gym for a full year, while she was still considering her options.  One thing she remembers missing while working at the gym was riding horses on a farm when she was younger.

Feeling she can then afford to pursue her dream, she bought a farm and a few horses, and also a big house.  Since she is not overly fond of fancy clothing and jewelry, she lives a frugal life.  She actually only allows herself to live off £30,000 a year she makes on money she invested with advice from the National Lottery.

Twelve years on she is still single, and enjoying the financial independence that can only be attributed to wise handling of her resources.  If only all winners were as level headed as Niki!


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