Winning Lottery Ticket Stuck To Fridge For 2 Months

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Craig Henshaw was too busy travelling through Europe to realise he had become a millionaire back home in Toronto.

And for 2 whole months while woodwork teacher Craig travelled with his girlfriend, the multi-million dollar lottery ticket sat there stuck to his fridge door.

But he’ll never forget the day he finally got round to checking his LottoMax ticket:

I wouldn’t have lived out of a backpack for two months if I knew I had $21 million sitting on my fridge at home.

He bought the winning ticket at a Shell station whilst buying petrol. He figured the machine was smarter than he was, so went with $10 worth of Quick Picks.

The first thing he did after discovering his win, was fly his girlfriend back home from Florida.

Although amusingly he had to borrow the money on his fathers credit card to afford the flight as his winnings had not come through yet.

He joked with his father that he would definitely pay him back soon.

Craig also plans to take the whole family away for a holiday, as well as help out friends with things like student loans – and put aside funds to cover school fees for his nieces and nephews.

But Craig loves his day job as a High School woodwork teacher which he has enjoyed for 11 years. He may take a break for a while, but said he would definitely return to teaching again.

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