Lottery Winner’s Empty Mansion Burglarized

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The Tinarana House, a 19th century property that  includes a 16 bedroom mansion on built 270 acres in Clare on the shores of Lough Derg, has been burglarized, the Gardai suspect over the course of the weekend.  The mansion, which was empty at the time of the burglary, was bought by 2005 lottery winner Dolores McNamara last year for about €3.5m.

Robbers removed fittings from the building, including all taps, light fittings and copper.  The burglary has added significantly to the €1 million it was originally estimated to renovate the mansion.  Authorities suspect that the burglars were there for a significant amount of time, as some of the stolen fittings are not easy to remove.

While with her €115m win back in 2005, there is no doubt this will hardly put a dent in McNamara’s pocket.  What this highlights though is the significant amount of problems big winners have to face.  It justifies the decision of many winners to remain anonymous, if only to reduce the risk to themselves and their properties.


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