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Former winners of the National Lottery have spoken in support of the revamped game saying they will continue to play despite the price increase.  And their reason is much better than just getting another chance to win – they know how much the National Lottery gives to good causes and they want it to continue.

Donald and Ann Webster who won a £1,023,801 prize at Pride Park seven years ago now live more comfortably.  They have a new house, new cars, and a motorcycle.  They also travel first class these days.  One thing not about to change is their lottery betting habit, which they do mostly to support the good causes that benefit from the lotto.

David and Debra Allsobrook, of Stretton, who scooped a £3.7 million prize last year have also continued playing after their win.  They feel that people who have £2 should try for the jackpot.


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