Lotto Mum Wants Son Home Before Collecting Her €5.1M Win

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Lily Gallagher, 60, just won €5.1 Million  on the Irish lottery on Saturday. But she says she’ll wait till son Anthony, 31, comes home before she collects her winnings.

Anthony left for Australia earlier this year as plumbing work had all but dried up in Co Louth where he lived. But bizarrely he heard about the win before his mother could even tell him. He was stopped in the street by someone who said:

I hear your mammy is a millionaire!

But Lily has promised that she will collect the win if Anthony can’t get back in time. She does have 90 days to put in her claim, and said she will keep the ticket in a very safe place until then.

So what does Lily plan to do with her big windfall. Firstly she is going to pay off the mortgages on her own house and those of son Anthony and her daughter Melissa.

As a cleaner for the local school, Lily says she did worry about having nothing to leave her children when she was gone. And all she ever wanted was to provide them with their own homes.

But it’s her grandson who she credits with the luck she needed to win. He came to see her on the Saturday morning to give her a present of a ‘lucky bracelet’ he had bought at the market:

I definitely think it was a lucky bracelet and I keep saying it to him.

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