Mail Workers Syndicate Hit $46.5M On Mega Millions

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Josea and Charlene Person just collected their big win from Tuesday’s Mega Millions. The husband and wife of 8 years represented a lottery syndicate of 13 mail workers from Romulus in Michigan.

For 12 years, twice a week, the lottery club has bought 65 $1 Mega Million draws. He left work Tuesday afternoon and bought the tickets at a Meijer store in Belleville on the way home, anticipating a big snowstorm.

When the newscast said the winning ticket was purchased at the Belleville Meijer store, “I said, ‘we won'”.

Jose read the numbers off the winning ticket and Charlene verified them on the TV screen.

“It was, ‘Yes, yes, yes. Yes! Whoo!’” Charlene Person said.


They shared the $93 million jackpot with one other ticket bought in Indiana.

I particularly liked what Josea said when asked what they would do with the money – “Stimulate the economy” he said 🙂

The winning numbers were 16, 22, 23, 26, 35 with a gold ball of 31.

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