Man Will Not Scratch Instant Ticket Collection

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Many people purchase lottery tickets to chase a dream of winning a big jackpot.  In their quest for the win of a lifetime, some people even spend more than they should on the lotto.  But a UK man named Bill Mannix purchases lots of scratchers for an entirely different reason – he wants to add them to his collection.

Bill has so far spent about $150,000 on instant lottery tickets in the last 20 years.  Most of his collection totaling 100,000 tickets are used, but about 10,000 of them are unscratched.  With an expiry date of six months from purchase, he will not be eligible for prizes for most of them.  Bill has rows with his wife about it, but insists he buys the tickets for his collection.

Bill says he is hoping to sell his unusual collection of used and unused (but expired) tickets for half a million pounds to someone who may be interested in scratching the tickets to find out what could have been.  Most people will dismiss his chances of selling his ticket collection for that amount.

Still if there is a man who would buy instant lottery tickets and refuse to scratch them, there may just be someone else willing to pay good money to see if he had made the right choice.


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