Maryland Allows Anonymous Lotto Winners

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Whether to allow winners to remain anonymous or not has always made for lively conversation among lottery aficionados.

Those who favor anonymity point to security concerns and avoiding the hordes of people asking for dole-outs as primary considerations.  Those who lean towards publishing winners names point to the need for transparency and the public’s love of lottery success stories as their main points.

While the debate continues to rage, six states still allow winners to remain anonymous if they so desire.  This is why when three school employees from Maryland collected their 1/3 share of a huge $656 jackpot, their faces were hidden.  Till now, only those three people and employees of the lottery know who they are.

Those for and those against anonymity have valid arguments.  It really depends on the situation of individual winners whether it is advantageous to remain unknown or not.  Still it would be nice to have that option.


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