Maxmillions Makes Multiple Millionaires

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Friday night just saw the creation of a whole bunch of new millionaires with the Canada Lotto Max draw.

The jackpot had reached $90 Million, which under the MaxMillions rules means a maximum jackpot of $50 Million for the main draw. But then for every $1 Million above that, a new draw is made for each $1 Million prize! Giving players lots of extra chances to win under the same tickets.

The results for the main $50 Million draw were 3, 12, 14, 15, 25, 32, 49. There were a total of three tickets matching all seven numbers – two sold in Ontario and one in Quebec. Each ticket holder will receive $16.6 Million.

And the first of the three winners has already come forward.

Jon Hines, 61, from Sarnia, Ontario retired just last year from his job as a petro-chemical worker. He collected his winning cheque from the lottery offices yesterday. He plans to buy a new car and share his good luck with his family of 2 children, and 5 brothers and sisters.

In big spender style, Jon splashed out on celebrating his big win by calling the local pizza delivery service:

My daughter complained, ‘You’re a millionaire and we’re having pizza?’

Out of the 40 draws for Maxmillions, 18 of the $1 Million prizes were also won. Of those, 14 were single ticket winners creating 14 new millionaires. The remaining 4 were shared between two tickets, giving each ticket holder $500,000.

So what happens to the 22 $1 Million prizes that were not won? They go back in to the jackpot pool for this weeks draw.
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