Mother & Son Share £7.5 Million Jackpot

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Doreen Hay and son John are so delighted to have won a £7.5 million jackpot from the National Lottery.  And it was Doreen’s decision to buy an extra lucky dip which  gave them the huge payout.

By Sunday morning, Doreen had already checked their tickets and called John over.  John immediately headed to his mother’s and literally checked the numbers three times just to be sure.  Now mother and son already have plans for their money.

John called his longtime partner Susan Robinson about their good fortune.  The couple now look forward to buying their dream home, so they can move from their rented digs.

As for Doreen, she wants to buy a bungalow so she can leave her upstairs flat.  She also wants to treat her immediate family including her ex-husband who is also named JOhn.

Mother and son also plan to visit Disneyland Florida.


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