Mum Gets A Bungalow While I Travel The World

April 6th, 2011   ·   Read Comment...

Last Saturday he was a temporary machine operator scraping by on just £210 per week.

By Sunday his life had completely changed and he found himself £2,388,987 richer.

Anthony Young, 33, from Padiham in Lancashire could just about cover his household bills. But regretted not being able to spare the money to watch his favourite team, Burnley FC, play since October last year.

But on Saturday 2nd April he picked all six winning numers on the UK Lotto. The result was 12, 14, 32, 44, 48, 49 with a bonus ball of 25. His was the only jackpot winning ticket.

Sunday was a nervous and sleepness night though said Anthony, despite having hidden the winning ticket under his bedroom carpet:

I didn’t sleep a wink and was out walking the dog at 4am on Monday waiting for the phone line to open.

Anthony now plans to buy his mum a new bungalow, and to travel and see the world.

But he doesn’t intend to take life too easily after that, but instead to fulfil his ambition to set up his own plastering business.

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  • Lottery Blog

    Apparently the leeches are out, and it took less than 48 hours. Complete strangers have been turning up at Anthony’s house trying to pressure money out of him!

    If you have the option to stay anonymous when you win, take it.

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