New Wednesday Draw For UK Health Lottery

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In a bid to increase their ticket sales, the UK Health Lottery has just announced a new Wednesday draw will be added.

The draw will follow exactly the same format as the current Saturday game, and you will be able to join Jenny Powell on Channel 5 at 9.55pm every Wednesday evening for the results.

Tickets for the first Wednesday draw will be available from 7th October, with the first actual draw taking place on 17th October.

The move is likely to upset Camelot still further as Wednesday is also the same day they run the mid-week UK Lotto draw. And Camelot are still seething over the fact the Health Lottery is even allowed to exist. Legal challenges to the draw have so far been ineffective but Camelot continue to lobby the Government in an attempt to close down their upstart rival.

You can read more about the UK’s Health Lottery here.

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