Ottawa Workers Lose Jobs Then Win $7M Jackpot

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The news is bad enough when redundancies are rumoured, but Ottawa manufacturer Smart Technologies had just announced the plant was closing and jobs would go.

Things took a rapid turn for the better however for a syndicate group of 18 workers from the plant.

The work based syndicate just revealed they were the winners of last weeks $7Million jackpot on the Canada Lotto 6/49. Which after the share out, would leave them with a safety net of $388,888.89 each – about 20 years worth of take home pay.

The win arrived just days after the closure announcement. It could not come at a better time for some – 10 of the winning group had already received their redundancy notices.

One of the winners, Tony Mather said:

“It’s the perfect amount to win… this makes you comfortable and you wish everyone could experience this kind of feeling.

The winners are all looking forward to being able to clear mortgages as well as other debts and bills like car payments.

Smart Technologies announced just this Tuesday that it was closing down Ottawa based manufacture of digital whiteboards, and moving over to a 3rd party for production. The process would be gradual over the next 6 months, and would likely affect all 300 staff.

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