Paul Watson Wins £1 million

May 22nd, 2014   ·   Read Comment...

A bachelor who still lives with his elderly parents has won a £1 million jackpot from the lottery.  Paul Cole of Bartley Green learned of his win after receiving an email from the National Lottery, which he originally thought was a practical joke.  But even when he became convinced of the reality of his good fortune, he did not run, shout or tell anyone.  He just calmly finished his work and went home.

As soon as he was home, he told his parents.  And after receiving the money, he has treated his father to a new car and a bit of shopping.  He plans to buy a new Land Rover Discovery for himself and go on a trip with his parents.

51-year old Cole reveals he has been getting more attention  from ladies since his win, but is not interested.  He also has no immediate plans to leave his sweet job at Cadbury’s.


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