Penrith Couple Attributes Win To Lucky Scarab

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Stephen Birkbeck has just won £369,151, and he attributes his good fortune to a “lucky” scarab beetle given to him by an Egyptian man while he was on holiday in Egypt.

Stephen normally plays a line representing birthdays of family members and 2 lines of lucky dip.  Lately, however, he seldom found the time to play.

A few days earlier, Stephen found the “lucky” scarab, in one of he storage boxes he had at home, and took it with him when he went to make his bets.  And interestingly, he almost forgot to play Saturday night, so his bets were made just in the nick of time.

As they were watching the draw on TV, he discovered they matched 3 numbers and told his wife they had won £20.  But then the other numbers drawn also matched, including the bonus.

Now they attribute their win to the scarab, and plan on having their “amulet” whenever they place their bets.  They are even considering another visit to Egypt.  They would do well to consider postponing the Egypt visit till the troubles there are sorted.


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